Doing farm business in San Remigio, Cebu now made easy with new FMR

Created on Tuesday, 30 March 2021

The transformation of a road network provides comfort and ease in doing transactions to the locales especially the farmers and fishers of San Remigio, Cebu with its newly concreted FMR.

What used to be an inconvenience is now an opposite; enabling the smooth and swift movement of farm goods to the town’s taboan (farmer’s market) because of the rehabilitation of the 2.7 kilometers Kinawahan to Canagahan Farm-to-Market Road (FMR) in the said municipality.
A 79-year-old Teofilo Pelicano, banana farmer from Barangay Canagahan expressed "no regrets" when he agreed that a portion of his land be used for the road improvement. He even described his trips passing through the FMR as refreshing and comfortable now that vehicles are regularly plying the route regardless of whether it’s a market day or not due to the good road condition.
Once a week, Pelicano would get to the town's taboan in Tambongon to sell his harvested banana cardava at Php 20 per kilo.
“I'm old now and my movement is already very slow and having this type of road makes me very happy. It is a lot easier now to go to the market in Tambongon,” Pelicano said.
For the 64-year-old Poncing Mollir, who does buy- and-sell of banana cardava, the concreted FMR made his activities like scouting of banana fruits from the farmers, easy.
Even the 53-year-old Napoleon Sibay, a person with disability (PWD), cited the ease in doing transactions because of the FMR.
Through the FMR, Sibay now conducts house-to-house visits to breeders to fetch, transact and even assess livestock quality. He purchases cows, goats and chickens directly from the breeders which he supplies to Cebu City, Manila and in various native chicken restaurants in the province.
“The road is now wider, which made me save on transportation expenses. Hiring a habal-habal (motorcycle taxi) before would cost me P50, now the fare is as low as P20,” he said.
Officials from Barangay Kinawahan shared that some residents now acquired four-wheeled vehicles since the concretion of the said FMR.
“At present, vehicle maintenance is no longer costly compared to the old FMR wherein the road was full of potholes from Canagahan up to Kinawahan,” Kagawad Danilo Bandolon said.
To keep the FMR in good condition, Barangay Kinawahan already prohibits the entry of trucks as measures for road sustainability even if they have yet to undergo operations and maintenance (O & M) training.
The P27.092 million FMR now records a substantially completed progress and is expected to be turned over soon. It directly benefits some 2,845 individuals covering 750 households.
This FMR is one of the subprojects implemented by the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) of the Department of Agriculture in Central Visayas (PRDP-RPCO7).

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