Livestock market in La Libertad, NegOr poised for expansion

Created on Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Technical personnel from the Department of Agriculture in Central Visayas (DA7) conducted an assessment and validation on the proposed expansion of the livestock auction market (LAM) in La Libertad, Negros Oriental upon the request of Mayor Emmanuel Iway.

Mayor Iway said that expanding their auction market will provide convenience both to the farmers and animals. Currently, he said, the auction market has limited space for the number of animals brought in, particularly on hogs which would reach 2,000 heads a week.
"Starting last year, we can no longer control the deliveries of animals especially that our farmers are producing quality hogs,” Mayor Iway said.
The mayor explained that the trend of deliveries is an indication that there's a need for a better LAM and looking forward to be one of the best and biggest (LAM) for the entire province.
Engr. Kenneth Sanchez of the DA7 engineering team, upon his validation of the site said that the proposed expansion is feasible for a project grant.
The LAM also serves as the holding area for the unsold animals.
Lenon Simillano, a livestock handler said that in a week, he usually delivers 25-30 heads of hogs in the market. He said that if the animals are not sold, he will just leave them in the auction market paying P5 per animal per day for the use of the pigpen and water.
"Mas maayo unta nga maatupan og tarong ang tangkal kay louy kaayo ang mga hayop nga mainitan ug unya mangaluya na. Ug anaa na'y mopalit, momenos na ang timbang,” Simillano said.
(It would be much better if the holding pens have roofs to protect them (pigs) from the direct sunlight that causes stress. Whenever there’s already a buyer, the live weight decreases.)
Hog trader Matilde Ponce of Tess Lechon in Cebu City, usually buys hogs in La Libertad. She is hopeful that the proposed facility expansion will materialize.
"Manghinaut ko nga matinuod kini nga facility. Mas maayo nga naay saktong timbangan sa hayopan, aron wala nay hangyoay, dili na namo matamatahon ang gidak-on ug masakto na jud ang presyo sa baboy," Ponce said.
(I look forward that the requested facility will materialize. It would be much better if there's a weighing scale for live animals so that there’ll be no more weight guessing, and so that the price is right.)###

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